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Alupoly BathTub

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Our luxury freestanding bathtub combine timeless contemporary styling with a modern twist - they are made from a unique hi-tech Alumina and Polimer Resin (Alupoly) based composite material that has the appearance and beauty of natural effect without the excessive weight.They are warm to the touch, comfortable and easy to clean.

Aluploy bathtub material is naturally lustrous. Bathtubs made with Alupoly are non staining, and non fading. Alupoly bathtubs have a non porous finish that is easy to clean wand warm to the touch. Alupoly bathtubs are light weight, yet amply strong. Alupoly material is perfect for various bathtub shapes and sizes because it lends itself to creative designing - affordably.

The high gloss of an Alupoly bathtub can be quickly restored by light buffing with rubbing compound or a buffer. Alupoly is chemically inert, immune to every chemical that we know of. Nearly every outdoor spa is Alupoly because it withstands ultraviolet rays, temperature fluctuations, and harsh chemicals.

Features Characteristics

  • Against for mass.
  • Decorative colors.
  • water and chemical resistant.
  • Durability or long life.
  • Color retain in long years.
  • Anti-fungal.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Non-refinishing.


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